What is K8's mates?

K8's mates, is the affiliate program of the K8 sportsbook & casino. Basically, our affiliate program works like this…

Our mates work on a commission system. If you have website (or other medium) that generates traffic for either sports or casino, then you can earn money just by placing our links or creatives on your site. For every player that you refer to K8 (who registers and deposits) we send you a small token of appreciation that you can then spend in shops and stuff!

Read on….

Why should I become a mate of K8?

There are many reasons to become one of our mates. Mainly because it's free. Although, we also have an awesome introductory offer for your first couple of months. Amazing high revenue share deals, terrific slot games, loads of sports markets, plenty of innovative products and loads of other cool stuff that if I told you about you may just pass out!

Can anybody become a mate of K8?

Yes. You will probably need a website first though. We find this works best. So long as you are a webmaster operating your own web site(s) then you can apply to join K8's mates. Of course, we do also expect you to respect our general terms and conditions too.

Any website?

No. I mean, it's not like we are choosy or anything, but we do review each application just to be sure that you're not doing anything naughty.

Supposing I don't have a website. Can we still be mates?

Yes, we can. We provide alternative tools here at K8 that anybody can use to promote either our sportsbook or our casino. Contact one of our affiliate managers today at they will be happy to discuss the options available to you!

I've got loads of websites!

Jolly good! It is great if you have more than one website. More ways to generate revenue for yourself by sending us loads of lovely traffic. From within your K8 affiliate area you can also create individual tracking links for them, so you can see which one is doing the best. How cool is that!

Is there a cost to become a mate of K8?

Only your sanity!

Are you going to pay me to be your mate?

Yes. Absolutely, all K8's mates start off on top tier revenue share from day one. What's more, there is no limit to the amount of revenue you can earn. The more effort you put in to sending quality traffic to K8, the more you earn.

What if my mates want to become your mates?

No problemo! Your mates are our mates. Refer sub-affiliates to K8 and get additional earnings for everyone who signs up.

What are your Mates Rates?

View the "Mates Rates" tab to find out what the commission rates for our affiliates are.

How are Mates Rates calculated?

There is a guy in the office whose sole job it is to once a month push a button, which then automatically calculates your commission. He doesn't really speak much, but he's usually very reliable. Your Mates Rates (monthly commission) are the percentage of the Net Revenue generated by your referred players. Net Revenue is calculated by deducting our costs associated with these referrals, such as bonuses, loyalty rewards, payment fees and chargebacks from the Gross Gaming Revenue generated by your players. Don't worry though as these deductions don't usually amount to much.

Do negative balances carry over?

We don't do negative! Your balance will be set to 0 on the 1st of each month.

How do I get the Spondulicks?

Once your application is accepted you will be asked for your bank details. We generally like to pay by bank transfer but can do Neteller or Skrill. Mates Rates (or commission) are calculated at the beginning of each month for the previous month's activity. Transfers are generally made within the first 10 days. If the amount is lower than €100 (EURO) it will not be paid out and your balance will roll over into the next calendar month.

Where do I sign?

So glad you asked. Do you see that big blue button that says SIGN UP NOW! Yes, that's the one. give it a click and you will be instantly transported to a page that will ask you where you live, what you do, how old you are, what your favourite food is, the name of your first pet and other important stuff that we need to know.

How long do your cookies last?

The cookie duration is 30 days. Unless you are talking about the chocolate ones in the fridge in the office which usually only last around 20 minutes!

How often do you update my statistics?

All affiliate statistics here at K8 are updated in real-time. You know when we know!

How can I close my account?

To be honest we're not too sure as it has never happened before. However, if you were really determined to do this you could maybe send an email request to that might work. You may also want to provide us with your affiliate ID and your first and last name.

How do I contact my new mate?

You can contact us anytime at just not at weekends though, that's when we take our Origami classes!